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Welcome To The Madden CFM
This will be your one stop shop for everything pertaining to the league. Please visit the page for updates power rankings and schedules.

We will also be doing awards at the end of the year so make sure you come in and see what award you got.

Also on this page you will be able to add posts and talk any smack you would like. Feel free to comment at any time or make suggestions as you see fit.

Who is this League For?

This league is for you if:

1. You enjoy playing Madden with good competition among friends and can take a loss without rage quitting

2. You can commit to playing a game once every 5 days and not have to be chased down to play your game

3. If you are tired of playing against 13 year olds who quit as soon as the game gets to 21-0

4. If you are tired of the mysterious lag that shows up at "inopportune" times during ranked games. (Lag switches will not be tolerated)

5. You enjoy the strategy and/or stick skills madden offers and not ways to cheat/glitch the game.

6. You don't proclaim to be the Greatest Madden Player ever, but can hold your own in a match

7. You can act as a civilized adult win or lose.

8. You don't cry about "unfair" or "cheating" if someone beats you. You step your game up and try to stop that person

If you don't fit these criteria, then you might need to find another league. If you do then GAME ON!

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